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Kristia Paz

Kristia grew up just outside of Atlanta where she was raised on traditional Filipino foods blended with American-Southern comfort dishes.  From a childhood centered around family and filled with a fusion of food, she attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to become a pastry chef.

Once graduated, Kristia worked as Pastry Chef in some of Atlanta's best restaurants with highly acclaimed Chef/owners such at Linton Hopkins in 2003 with Restaurant Eugene and Gary Mennie with Taurus in 2007.  Kristia then came to work for Little Cake Bakery in 2007,  baking cupcakes and running the bakery.  In 2014, she has most recently returned to Restaurants as the Pastry Chef with Robert Phalen at One Eared Stag in Inman Park.


Kristia loves to make pastries, cookies, and cakes that taste as amazing as they look.  Kristia's style is centered around nostalgia and being able to associate with the desserts with a flavor twist on an old classic.  She also likes to experiment with specialty diet desserts, such as gluten free, vegan and sugar free.

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